we made a small batch of these because the one we purchased started to rust really bad because they are just standard mild steel and we had rust stain on the inside of our wheels after 3 weeks on the car. we threw those away and machine some in 304 stainless steel for me and my friends and we posted the pictures on IG and we have customer ask us to make some for them and we have few extra sets so here they are. 


These lug centric spacers / shim kit is for people with Type r caliper, prelude caliper, CRV caliper, NSX caliper, Legend caliper, etc and running the 280mm Mini cooper brake rotors you will notice the brake rotor is hub centric for your car but the lug opening on the mini cooper rotor is bigger than the ones found on a Honda so that is what these are for, they are design to take away the slack so your brake rotor does not move around when you apply hard braking. 


Each order will include 8 Stainless steel shims. 

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Type r caliper & mini cooper brake rotor lug centric spacers washer / shim kit

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  • Product Code: 1320-ITR-Mini-brake-shim-kit
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  • $37.50

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