• 1320 Performance Polaris Slingshot Cold air intake Red

1320 Performance cold air intake system comprised of powder coated heat shield that draw cool air from front of the vehicle and keep the engine heat away, high quality washable / reusable K&N Air Filter, powder coated intake tube & our custom made 5 ply throttle body to intake tube silicone coupler to allow for proper hood clearance and because it's 5 ply it will not collapse under heavy load like the common 2-3 ply silicone coupler out there. very easy install with common hand tools i did the install below in less than 30 minutes, no need to cut / splice /extend wires no permanent modification to the vehicle. our kit has been on our test vehicle for over 4000 miles no check engine light and oem style fitment. This modification is easy 8+HP upgrade for your Polaris Slingshot.

Offroad use only not to be used on emission controlled vehicles. 

SHIPPING: Shipping is $20 tolower 48 states of the USA, including a tracking number.P.O. Boxes and Military AFO/APO addresses andAlaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico Guam and other U.S. virgin islands there will be additional $20 charge we will send you a paypal invoice with in 24 hours after purchase. Thank you 


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Basic installation guide only. this installation is not for the mechanically challenged! If you are not mechanically inclined or do not understand the procedure please do not attempt the installation. Refer the installation to a reputable mechanic.
***please excuse the intake color we use the black intake system to do the install write up you will receive the red version in the auction if you like the black version please purchase ebay item # 222001867676
1. remove factory air box and hose. remove the air temperature sensor and breather tube. 
 photo 1540_zpsdouhbwqc.jpg
2. install the 2 rubber grommets onto the intake tube. A flat head screw driver help the install process. 

 photo 1538_zpsrkqml5uc.jpg
3. Rubber Grommet installed on to the intake tube. 

 photo 1539_zpsb6ayqerb.jpg
4. Install the air temperature sensor and breather tube fitting onto the grommets. 

 photo IMG_4749_zpstqi6uotw.jpg
5. install rubber protector onto the headshield box to prevent scratch up the intake tube. 

 photo 1541_zpsvdpwnrky.jpg
6. heat shield placed in the correction position with the rubber tube protector installed. 

 photo IMG_4744_zpsbaiyl9ro.jpg
7. rear heat shield bracket match up to the OEM factory bracket use factory screw, 

 photo 1544_zps1guhaecl.jpg
8. driver side heat shield bracket scew installed. 

 photo 1542_zpsj33jdfxs.jpg
9. passenger side heat shield bracket scew installed

 photo IMG_4742_zpsjghtfydx.jpg
10. K&N air filter holder hardware and heat shield bracket hardware. 

 photo IMG_4746_zpsacfxnrek.jpg
11. remove the K&N filter from the box and open the wrapper. 

 photo IMG_4745_zpsys2lgtyy.jpg

12. place the K&N air filter inside the heat shield box. 
 photo IMG_4747_zpswmp6kpyd.jpg

13. how the air filter retaining hard ware look like installed, you can shorten or extend the filter toward the opening by twisting the filter and once it's in the correct position lock it with the jam nut. 
 photo IMG_4748_zpsdmjablsg.jpg
14. install the throttle body silicone coupler. 

 photo IMG_4755_zps8twdurcv.jpg
15. install the air intake tube on to the filter and silicone coupler. 

 photo IMG_4756_zpsm1pm86hx.jpg

16. plug in the connector for the air temperature sensor and breather hose on to the air tube. 
 photo IMG_4753_zpsnlvjwpmu.jpg
17. double check all the clamps make sure every thing is tight and make sure no tools or hardware left in the engine compartment. 

 photo IMG_4759_zpsob8noiyl.jpg

 photo IMG_4757_zpsvaq7ua5p.jpg
18. double check coupler to hood clearance make sure its not touching. if they are open the clamp and adjust the angle/ tilt. That is it. You did it enjoy the new intake and extra power and cool look. 

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1320 Performance Polaris Slingshot Cold air intake Red

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