• Lug nut key adapter kit for cars trucks motorcycle house

1320 Performance Lug Nut Key Kit adapter is a completely unique personal modification you can do for your car, motorcycle, house or many other key you have.

Our lug nut key will definitely impress all your friends by having your lug nut key match the 1320 Performance Racing lug nuts on your car.  The lug nut key kit converts your car/house/locker/bike key into a 1320 Performance lug nut key.  This simple and unique product also makes a great present.

The kit adapts any key to a Our 12x1.5 lug nut.  Please choose desired lug nut color.

*install note: use blue or red locktite on the Allen screw and outside adapter thread to prevent key from moving/turning

*install note: make sure you make a copy of the key before attempt cutting the only key you have incase you cut it too short or damage it while cutting. we recommend Dremel style cutting tool for fast and precise cutting.

*will not work on cars with chipped key or cars/ keys with immobilizer

Whats included in the package:

1x 12x1.5 lug nut color of your choice

1x 1320 Lug nut adapter

1x Allen key



 photo 072_zpsi5ozrb5h.jpg

 photo 057_zps1bpcpweg.jpg

 photo 056_zpsjms1ushx.jpg

 photo 058_zpsohaipfho.jpg

 photo 059_zpseoaf0aku.jpg

 photo 060_zpsxs6vshbu.jpg

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 photo 062_zps9jortpkb.jpg
to Gain leverage use either a Plier or Crescent wrench on the key section and you can use a 17mm socket on the lug nut be careful not to scratch the lug nut.
To prevent key from backing out or moving we recommend blue or red locktite on the threads of the insert 

 photo 063_zpscgyzsqhd.jpg

 photo 064_zpsjv1bifrv.jpg

 photo 065_zpsorkhochx.jpg

 photo 066_zpsopa8ydwd.jpg

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Lug nut key adapter kit for cars trucks motorcycle house

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