Matt Black R35 paddles shifter G37 Q50 Q60 GTR competition
1320 Performance

Matt Black R35 paddles shifter G37 Q50 Q60 GTR competition

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1320 Performance GTR competition steering shift paddles (Matt black)

Add some Style and fall in love with your car again with our 1320 Performance shift paddles for your 09-16 GTR. G37 Q50 Q60

Aggressive styling, oem fitment no removal of steering wheel required. install in less than a hour with common hand tools.

about 40% larger in size compare to OEM shifter paddles.

we have 4 color to choose from Shiny black, Matt black, Shiny red. and unfinished for those want to have custom paint or powder coated. (please check our other auctions if you like to have other color)

Model: 1320-R35-SP-MBLK

Fitment: 2009-2016

Light weight cast aluminum

OEM fitment no modification required.

powder coated Matt black

photo 018_zpsksbb6irx.jpg

photo 017_zpsswz7q0ex.jpg

photo 016_zpsx2qkx30x.jpg

photo 015_zpsmvus9uqi.jpg

Installation picture on my GTR.

photo 069_zpso8b0eqb8.jpg

photo 068_zps7wdx1fb0.jpg

photo 067_zpsbq5kfuge.jpg

after remove the 2 screws Lift up the top trim cover located on the back of the steering wheel ( not pictured)

photo 066_zpsbkwml9ku.jpg

photo 065_zps0c5a4h6y.jpg

photo 064_zpsnta4ws5q.jpg

photo 063_zpsl2pbu6ij.jpg

photo 062_zpsgccwsprd.jpg

photo 061_zpsclsvprjg.jpg

photo 060_zpstlqwront.jpg

photo 058_zpslw4ywfoe.jpg

photo 057_zpsyegkdrac.jpg

photo 056_zpsln5xzi7w.jpg

photo 055_zpsaoyhzxtf.jpg

photo 054_zpsrm24u1pp.jpg

photo 032_zpst7cwlkfr.jpg

photo 033_zpsgzfzfl8x.jpg

photo 034_zpscpyq69bu.jpg

photo 035_zpsmcazmmcw.jpg

photo 036_zpsevoplur2.jpg

photo 037_zpselb8r95c.jpg

photo 038_zpsbwfwmyyl.jpg

photo 039_zpse5oa7zbd.jpg

photo 040_zpshd7nwd7y.jpg

photo 041_zpszfdzkoms.jpg

photo 042_zpsupe0fjsf.jpg

photo 043_zpssq5zov1l.jpg

photo 044_zpsuyg7q8de.jpg

photo 045_zpswpzayzex.jpg

photo 046_zpsu3ca1ki2.jpg

photo 047_zpsww4xflbs.jpg

photo 048_zps0w9umebi.jpg

photo 049_zpseprnd0qe.jpg

photo 050_zpsdwpojjdv.jpg

photo 051_zpsfpho9xt5.jpg

photo 052_zpsreuhjs57.jpg

photo 053_zpsbrnxdifk.jpg

photo 075_zpsnuei5shn.jpg

photo 073_zpsgilxik9o.jpg

photo 072_zpsymtnkbpy.jpg

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